Why We Choose Bamboo Chopsticks?

June 24, 2022
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Generally, the bamboo chopstick is a very old utensil, especially in the Eastern Asia region. It lasts for over 6000 years and has spread through different cultures over time. It was commonly used for cooking majorly rather than eating, but with time people started incorporating it as a means of taking food from a dish. Chopsticks come in different materials like plastic, stainless steel, wood, and bamboos.


Bamboo Chopsticks are still the most used utensil in the world. Lightweight and sturdy, these chopsticks are made from organic sources and finished to a soft smooth feel.

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Why we love it:

*Smoothly hand finished - feel so good to hold!
*Take out with you - for takeaways, salads, anything but soup!
*Made from renewable, sustainable bamboo - durable, heat and stain resistant
*Shaped from a single piece of bamboo - no glues, hand finished with food safe vegetable oils so safe for hot and cold food


Not just great for eating Chinese food, these go-anywhere eating utensils can do more than fried noodles. Believe it or not, we prefer using chopsticks for eating salads. Leaves of lettuce and veg pick up really well compared to stabbing at lettuce with a fork!