What is carbonized bamboo chopstick?

April 28, 2022
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In daily life, more and more people use bamboo chopsticks, especially those who are eating fast food in restaurants outside. I don't know if you have discovered that disposable bamboo chopsticks have two colors, one primary color and one darker. This is what we call disposable carbonized bamboo chopsticks.


So how are carbonized bamboo chopsticks produced? What are the advantages of his bamboo chopsticks equivalent to the primary color? The carbonization process is actually due to the relatively high sugar and moisture content of bamboo chopsticks, which makes the chopsticks susceptible to mildew and even pests, which will affect the appearance and shelf life of the chopsticks. So people adopt a process called carbonization adding into the production process of bamboo chopsticks. Most of the moisture and sugar in the raw materials are removed through high temperature treatment, so that the stability of bamboo chopsticks is enhanced, and it is not easy to deform and mold when exposed to heat. Also it makes the chopsticks be deterioration, longer preservation time and more practicality. Carbonized chopsticks will be darker in color usually, which is safe, environmentally friendly and durable.

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Although carbonized bamboo chopsticks can last longer, it is worth noting that household chopsticks need to be replaced frequently. If we eat out and find that the chopsticks are moldy or deformed, it means that bacteria have grown on the chopsticks and can no longer be used.