The production process of disposable chopsticks

May 27, 2022
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Disposable chopsticks refer to chopsticks that are discarded after one use, also known as "convenient chopsticks". Disposable chopsticks are a product of the fast pace of social life. What mostly prefered is our bamboo chopsticks.


1. The mechanical process of twin disposable bamboo chopsticks: raw bamboo--sawing to remove knots--bamboo tube split into two pieces--blanking--sizing--molding--sharpening--bleaching and sterilization--rinsing--drying--polishing and packaging--sending out from factory.


2.Mechanical process of disposable round bamboo chopsticks: sawing off the original bamboo--cutting into bamboo strips--planing on three sides--forming bamboo filaments--chemical treatment--punching--drying--sizing--polishing--sharpening--finishing--packaging--sending out.


3.The mechanical process of one-time bamboo tensoge chopsticks:cutting--sawing the original bamboo--cutting it into bamboo strips--planing the four sides to become a standard blank--chemical treatment--punching--drying--ruler--forming--cutting the head--polishing--finishing--packaging--sent to customers.


The above process is for the hot sale models of the bamboo disposable chopsticks. We can see most of its process remain the same, but when cut its shape, it will has differences. When we choose disposable chopsticks, we'd better select the wood or bamboo one, because they are compostable and biodegradable, especially bamboo made.